Fee information

Note: Course fee covers unlimited studio access 7 days a week, up to 100 pounds of clay every 4 weeks as well as glazes and firing. Fee also covers class instruction, participation in, and discounts on selected presentations and firing workshops. Participants have the opportunity to be involved in glaze mixing, loading, unloading and firing the electric, gas reduction, soda, saggar and raku kilns and all other aspects of the ceramic process.

Summer 2014 Courses

Courses Harvard Students* Adults** Introductory 1st Time Discount for Greater Boston Area Community
Basics and Challenges*** $85 $720 $660
Exploring Clay (per session) $55 $480 $435
Exploring Clay (2 sessions) $105 $825 $750
Seeing the Possibility $85 $725 $660
Feedback**** $45 $255 $255
Hand Building $85 $725 $660
Historic Surfaces $65 $570 $520
Tableware $85 $725 $660
Independent Studio (8 weeks) $85 $725 N/A
Independent Studio (12 weeks) $125 $870 N/A

*Students from other schools
please contact panepint@fas.harvard.edu
**Employee assistance programs, such as TAP accepted.
For info contact Shawn Panepinto: panepint@fas.harvard.edu. Course fee includes a non-refundable application fee, instruction fee and lab fee.
***Basics and Challenge Tuesday Evening class with Stephanie Young will not meet on June 10 and 17.
****Feedback course fees do not include clay materials, firing or studio access seven days a week.

Registration and accessibility questions contact Shawn Panepinto at 617.495.8680 or panepint@fas.harvard.edu.

If enrolling in more than one class, please email panepint@fas.harvard.edu to see special rate.

Firing Workshop Fees

All firing workshops: Free for Harvard Students; $125 for Adults not enrolled in a course
Cone 10 Soda and Saggar Workshops: Free for Adults enrolled in a course
Green/Wood Fire: $40 for Adults enrolled in a course