Fee information

Course fee covers class instruction, participation in, and discounts on selected presentations and firing workshops, ample clay and materials, up to 100 pounds of clay every 4 weeks, for unrestrained creative exploration. Glazes and firings are included. Participants have the opportunity to be involved in kiln loading, firing and unloading, glaze mixing, and all other aspects of the ceramic process. Ceramics Program participants have studio access 7 days a week unless otherwise noted. No refunds after the first class meeting.

Summer 2015 Courses

Courses Harvard Undergrads* Harvard Graduate Students*

Adults, Returning**

Introductory 1st Time Discount for Greater Boston Area Community
All About The Mug (8 classes) $85 $150 $735 $630
Monday, Basics and Challenges (8 classes) $85 $150 $735 $630
Tuesday, Basics and Challenges (6 classes) $65 $115 $575 $495
Thursday, Basics and Challenges (10 weeks, 8 classes) $105 $190 $810 $700
Building Animals (8 classes) $85 $150 $735 $630
Exploring Clay (per session, 5 classes) $55 $95 $485 $485
Exploring Clay (both sessions, 10 classes) $125 $225 $885 $760
Image on Clay (6 classes) $65 $115 $575 $495
Intermediate & Advanced Molds (8 classes) $85 $150 $735 $630
Molds & Multiples (8 classes) $85 $150 $735 $630
Pots Upside Down (8 classes) $85 $150 $735 $630
Set in Stone(ware) (11 weeks, 8 classes) $120 $205 $850 $725
Sumi Ink Brush Painting (4 classes) $45 $75 $255 $255
Independent Studio (8 weeks) $85 $150 $735 N/A
Independent Studio (12 weeks) $125 $225 $885 N/A

*Students from other schools
please contact panepint@fas.harvard.edu
**Employee assistance programs, such as TAP accepted.
For info contact Shawn Panepinto: panepint@fas.harvard.edu. Course fee includes a non-refundable application fee, instruction fee and lab fee.

Registration and accessibility questions contact Shawn Panepinto at 617.495.8680 or panepint@fas.harvard.edu.

Discounts for multiple class registration and new student referrals are available. Contact Shawn Panepinto at panepint@fas.harvard.edu for more details.

Missed Class policy: The Ceramics Program will make every effort to provide make-up classes for those missed due to emergency weather closings, however, is not responsible for issuing reimbursements or providing make-up classes for those missed due to illnesses, substitute teachers, or other events beyond our control. We do not prorate for missed classes.

Participants enrolled in a course must contribute one hour per term towards general studio cleaning to maintain a healthy and productive work environment. All enrolled in a course have the opportunity to learn about firing electric and gas kilns and are expected to help with class firing: loading, unloading, cubic inch recording, etc.

The Ceramics Program studio is open to participants every day during term dates unless otherwise noted from 9 am–11 pm. Weekend hours: 9 am–9 pm. The Ceramics Program reserves the right to limit studio access due to workshops and special events. Studio will be closed on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4.

Firing Workshop Fees

All firing workshops: Free for Harvard Students*; $125 for Adults** not enrolled in a course

Visiting Artist Workshop Fees

Simple Surface Techniques Workshop (2 three-hour meetings): Free for Harvard Students*, $75 for Adults** enrolled in a course, $125 for Adults** not enrolled in a course.

Paper Clay Symposium: Three-Day Workshop: $390.00. Space is limited.